Sunday, December 20, 2009

DAY 20: Pearl Bailey - Five Pound Box Of Money

Day 20..!

If you're like me this year, the x-mas budget is as tight as Santa's belt after eating all those cookies.. Pearl Bailey is cuttin right to the chase here with her Christmas list. Money. Make it a 5 pound.. No, better make that, a 10 pound... Box of money.

Also, I said in a previous day that I wouldn't post "Baby It's Cold Outside".. but you gotta give it up for this version done by the extraordinary Pearl Bailey along with Oran "Hot Lips" Page... .. We got hit with about 10"'s of snow from last night through today. And it IS f'n cold outside.

So today ya get a 2 'fer.

Five Pound Box Of Money



Baby It's Cold Outside



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