Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DAY 8: The Cannibals - Christmas Rock & Roll

Good morning! It's Day #8...!
LET'S break away from these tame little R&B ditties and get back to some punk.

The British band The Cannibals, aka "Mike Spenser & The Cannibals" recorded this little x-mas 45 in '86... i scored a copy off eBay last year... a garage stomper, no doubt.. if you like the piano part of Led Zep "Rock & Roll" you will dig on this...

it's nifty novelty packaging (comes in a boot-shaped sleeve) makes it a pain to organize with the vinyl but OH, so worth it..

and, oh looky.. there just happens to be a copy on eBay right now..

lucky for you, I'm givin it to ya here for free.

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